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For a long time no one goes to the airport for air tickets. It is much more convenient to book them online. After completing simple steps on the Internet, you can get the desired air ticket within a few minutes.

To get started, monitor ticket prices in the right direction. There is a tendency for the lowest airfare to be set 50 days before departure.

When choosing a route, do not lose sight of the availability of transfers, convenient departure and arrival times. Decide for yourself whether to buy a ticket on the official website of the airline or through private online booking services. By the way, do not neglect the services of private services. You can buy an air ticket through their websites at a very competitive price.

Once you have decided on the choice of a site, proceed to booking. As a rule, the first thing that we enter in the window that opens is the direction "From" and "Where". Then we indicate the number of adult passengers. If you are taking minor children with you, enter their number in a separate box.

Next, proceed to clarify the date of the expected departure. Keep in mind that buying tickets in both directions will cost significantly less than purchasing them at retail. If the return flight is unnecessary, indicate only the departure date. Usually, before selling a ticket, many sites pop up a hint about the availability of lower prices for the coming dates. But before you bite into a cheap ticket, make sure if its price includes luggage? After all, you can carry no more than 5 kg of hand luggage into the cabin of the airliner. And buying a separate ticket for the main baggage will cost you a pretty penny.

Which class to fly, you choose. The service will offer you to choose several categories from standard to comfort - plus. A more expensive ticket means that you can choose any seat on board, increase the weight of your luggage, etc. Another important advantage of such a ticket is the possibility of a refund or free rebooking for another date.

After you select the plane ticket that suits you, a new window opens in which you enter basic information about yourself. Be careful when typing in initials, contact details, date of birth and document number.